Corporate Connexions personnel and associates in the Employment & Community sector programs area deliver high quality award-winning outcomes on both a state & national level. The CCI Team facilitate the correct balance of project scope, planning and direction whilst managing critical stakeholder relationships in projects targeted at social change.



+ Community Development

When organisations and teams become clearer about the broader terms of their strategic business aims, they often find that opportunities for collaborative community partnerships present themselves in ways that are actually highly beneficial for their own specific core business activity. We have a proven record of bringing together corporate and community interests, which provide substantial and sustainable change in marginalised groups, communities, and among other stakeholders. Tailored projects and programs of a complex nature require extensive ongoing relationships management to identify and secure the right people at the table at the right time; those who bring with them innovative ideas in addition to opportunistic funding streams.

+ Aboriginal & Marginalised Communities

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the vital respect; energy and innovation needed for project sustainability and success within many Aboriginal & marginalised community projects. These elements have reinforced some of the broader national Aboriginal and Humanitarian Refugee support objectives within many demographic settings - and we demonstrate a capacity to deliver on this work though our involvement in the education and employment space over the past 10 years. Aspects of our recent work with Jobactive providers have been identified as innovative modeling because it offers strong sustainable capacity building linked to culture; this clearly resonates with people from diverse backgrounds, their organisations and stakeholders. Corporate Connexions are approved contractors for many current projects of the Indigenous Advancement Strategy for the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet.

+ Workforce and Employment Solutions

We understand there are many barriers and challenges people face in obtaining and maintaining employment. Our workforce solutions provide great opportunities for industries and providers to establish sound connections between schools, young people and jobseekers of all ages. Our solutions recognise three well-researched practice domains

  • Communities or Organisations of interest and action
  • Learning Friendly Workplaces, and
  • Work Friendly Learning experiences

This initiative has resulted in a significant increase in employment outcomes & sustainability of employment for our clients as we work towards the same outcomes as recruitment agencies but with no costs to employers. Using the synergies of our additional wrap-around supports provided by the 5 Pillars approach of Preparation, Mentoring, Inclusion, Coordination & Celebration we illustrate to organisations several levels of interchangeable activities that can be established within your project leadership teams or steering groups.