People take ‘different roads’ for a range of reasons and just because they’re not travelling on your road doesn’t mean either of you are lost.


+ Restorative Practice Program

Prolonged tension and personal conflict within leadership and organisational teams not only produces dysfunction, it also significantly affects performance. Because dealing with different personalities can sometimes be difficult and challenging for managers and leaders, often these conflicts go unchecked and are left to fester and become emotional time-bombs. Together with poor morale, these issues ultimately result in long-term sickness and absenteeism leading to prolonged employee down-time. The consultants at Corporate Connexions International are nationally accredited facilitators and internationally accredited trainers in Restorative Practices. They are highly qualified in facilitating workplace and community interventions to deal with disagreement or wrongdoing - and the resulting harm and collateral impact on others. These interventions provide a safe, secure and managed opportunity for everyone to have a say and provide for a shared understanding among all involved. Research supports the fact that employees perform at an optimum level in ‘safe’ workplaces and Corporate Connexions can ensure that your organisation provides that level of healthy protection.

+ Coaching

Modern day, authentic leaders are specialist people-managers. They are responsible for taking their followers on a journey of innovation, confidence-building and indeed individual performance enhancement. This growth process most times involves personalised guidance. Genuine coaching is an exceedingly pragmatic goal-based process. It is fundamentally about those honest conversations and frank feedback. It incorporates experienced coaches who establish sound professional relationships to develop understanding about ethical leadership and appropriate personal behaviour; building upon techniques to improve performance. Our consultants are experienced and qualified coaches and mentors to middle and high-level leaders. Additionally we also provide workshops to teach these very special skills across senior management groups to allow organisational leaders to cascade this learning down to other individuals and their teams.