Corporate Connexions is an organisational behaviours consultancy where our primary focus is on building critical relationships across three important areas of influence and outcomes


Nurturing the capacity of your leaders and their engagement of teams;

Resolving those unnecessary organisational blockers or tensions; and

Creating advanced solutions in the community and workforce development spaces.


Our purpose is to provide others with positive and influential life experiences every day - and we do that by identifying & working with leaders who can build sustainable ventures that change lives.

At Corporate Connexions we provide customised solutions for organisations, all levels of government and community based groups - including many Indigenous corporations. Our services include outcomes aimed at organisational and cultural change, workforce solutions and innovative community development projects.


Workforce & Community Development


Tensions &

Corporate Connexions is values-driven and this is reflected in our guaranteed results. These are the values and behaviours that characterize and underpin the service with our clients.


Taking people to where they want to be builds veracity in leadership by establishing healthy professional workplace relationships


Joining opportunities for others to grow recognises value in the individual - supporting their growth to becoming effective and inquisitive people who continually cultivate strong connection within teams


Moving from dialogue to doing requires that adoption of a unique principle-led and evidence-based approach to all organisational and business needs



Journeys require courage that generate a sequence of transformational experiences – essential for leaders to link relationships to strategy. We bond satisfying outcomes and build that sustainability


By valuing ‘difference’ uses every opportunity to create successful experiences for others to enhance the goals, plans & aspirations of people and organisations